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Workforce Management

To effectively staff environments that handle voice, email, web chat, SMS, faxes and work tasks, as well as social media interactions, managers must base schedules on accurate forecasts of task volumes and staffing requirements. With accurate forecasting, organisations can match employee availability and skills to customer needs with precision.

The GSN Cloud Contact Centre WFM solution is a comprehensive software application that accurately forecasts, schedules and tracks the performance of multi-skilled employees in single and multi-site front and back-office environments.

It is the only integrated workforce management system to offer automatic updates of historical data and employee skill information in real time across all interaction channels to ensure the most accurate planning.

The WFM suite provides everything you need to effectively plan and manage staffing.  The software includes:

  • workload forecasting
  • flexible scheduling and planning options
  • performance monitoring
  • employee real-time adherence
  • historical reporting
  • employee empowerment
  • an out-of-the box API for easy integration to third-party contact centre and back- and front-office applications