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Protect your brand with proven systems and processes that ensure the security of your contact centre.

Cloud Security and Information Management:
GSN has architected its Cloud Platform to place Information Management and Security at the centre of its management and operational practices. GSN’s overall approach to this is documented in the GSN Information Management and Security Policy (Security Policy) and practical controls and processes are spelt out in the GSN Information Management and Security Framework (Security Framework.

Use a Hybrid Cloud or Virtual Network:
You can choose between using a true cloud service or to utilise a VPN / Private VLAN within our cloud, where only limited data is shared on our platform.

GSN has all of the necessary certifications to ensure your data is safe including:

  • ISO 27001 Certification (December 2015)
  • CCM v1.1 (June 2016)
  • PCI – DSS V3
  • NZ Cloud Code of Conduct

A Multi-layered Security Model:
The GSN security model is supported by the layered security approach proscribed by the Security Policy and Security Framework. The layered approach ensures a comprehensive combination of technology and process to secure the GSN environment and the integrity of GSN information and that of its clients:

  • HR & Process Security Layer
  • Physical Security Layer
  • Client Termination Layer
  • Perimeter Security Layer
  • Contact Centre Application Security Layer
  • Infrastructure Security Layer

Onshore Data Sovereignty:
Our Cloud Platform nodes are located in Tier 4 data centres in Sydney and Melbourne and no client information is shared with third parties or transmitted to overseas based service providers.

Partner with a provider that has proven their commitment and capability to deliver highly effective information security.

GSN Security Policy:
The Security Policy is based on ISO 270001 and sets out high-level principals and approaches to information management and security such as:

  • The Need for Information Management
  • Management Responsibility
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Founding Principals and Standards
  • Risk Assessment and mitigation process
  • Incident Management
  • Audit & Review
  • All infrastructure is provided by Tier 1 vendors including IBM, Dell, Cisco, EMC, NetApp and F5

Secure Technology:

  • Tenant Data Segregation
  • Dedicated Tenant WAN
  • At Rest encryption
  • In Transit encryption

Platform security:

  • Flexibility for specific security needs
  • Highly Granular User Access Control
  • Extensive Audit Logging

GSN Security Framework:
The GSN Security Framework is based on ISO 27002 sets out specific controls, practices and technologies as they apply to particular domains within the GSN environment. This includes focus on architecture, processes and practices in:

  • Employee recruitment, induction and training
  • Platform & Operational Change Management
  • LAN, WAN, Server, Virtualisation and Operating System
  • Platform Multi-tenancy
  • Platform monitoring, alarming and logging
  • Platform administration and maintenance
  • Connectivity with Customer Data Networks
  • Connectivity with Public Voice & Data Networks
  • Systems access and auditing
  • 3rd Party Engagement & access
  • Encryption and key management
  • Password management
  • Electronic file storage
  • Data backup and archival
  • Database Systems
  • PCI –DSS compliance
  • Incident handling and reporting
  • New Service Deployment
  • Service Termination
  • Continual Improvement, audit & review


Work with our experts to ensure you meet all your regulatory requirements around security.
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