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Work with GSN to build cost effectiveness into every level of your operation.

Drive down OPEX and CAPEX budgets and preserve capital to use for the business:
Access the latest technology without the traditionally high upfront investment and regular 5 yearly platform refresh cycles. Reduce the cost of internal I.T. resources and free up capital for investment in other projects that drive revenue and growth for your business.

Scale Up or Down On-Demand:
Respond to market and seasonal peaks by scaling your contact centre’s capability up and down – anywhere from 25 to 1000s of seats. Don’t pay for costly extra licences or upgrades to stay ahead. Our pay-as-you-use model provides you with a reliable customer experience without any surprise costs to the business. The ability to ‘burst’ up to 150% of normal (forecast) traffic is built into the Cloud Platform and can be accessed on-demand without the need to pre-order or change contracts.

Workforce Optimisation:
Working with GSN, you will use the most effective software to maximise your greatest OPEX area.

Optimise Support and Reduce Staffing Costs:
Using a Cloud platform means that you can focus on looking after your customers and managing your staff, rather than worrying about complex infrastructure and integration issues. Staff that previously spent time monitoring and managing contact centre infrastructure can be re-deployed to projects that drive greater value to the business.

Predictable monthly billing:
Usage charges are simple and repeatable, using a purely ‘consumption based’ model whereby you pay a known charge per month per user. All infrastructure and support costs are included as are platform / network monitoring, help desk and service management.

Self Service:
Using GSN’s Contact Centre Cloud for the enterprise, you will deliver customer self-service across all your channels..

GSN delivers platforms and services that are built from the ground up to optimise cost effectiveness.

Ease of Administration:
Once implemented, Cloud-based solutions are easy to administer, usually requiring less involvement from scarce IT resources, who can stay focused on core business issues instead. Furthermore, platform and infrastructure management and administration is undertaken by the GSN, all you need to manage is day-to-day account / user administration and reporting.

Access an Ever-Green Solution:
Using a Cloud delivery model means you benefit from the latest technology without the need to invest in or manage platform upgrades and refresh cycles. Access a full suite of up-to-date contact centre capabilities with the option to transition your existing contact centre assets to the Cloud. Working with GSN means you are not surprised by any hidden costs: our financial model means you can tie the full cost of the life cycle to where the value lies to the business.

Embedded IVR:
Integrated Cloud IVR to provide call classification and auto-attendant menus, with options to provide self-service functionality including support for speech recognition and biometric voice authentication. There is also a PCI-DSS Compliant Payments Application available for customers who need to handle credit card payments.


  • Voice and WAN contestability
  • Optimised Options
  • Enable High Availability
GSN works to tie expenditure to where value lies in your enterprise.
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