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Use a platform that has been built to exceed enterprise expectations of availability.

Availability Guaranteed:
GSN ensures you have an environment that customers can always reach. The GSN Cloud Contact Centre platform means you can enjoy a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Our editions are flexible and cost effective – you can choose your preferred availability levels from three nines through to five nines.

Guarantees Your Data won’t be Lost:
We invest in data centre and application security meaning that you don’t have to. We guarantee that your data is not lost due to our state of the art, distributed virtual environment.

Cost Effective Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan:
Working with GSN’s Cloud Contact Centre technology means that you can build a continuity plan without the need to build redundant infrastructure. A fault tolerant redundant architecture supports specific customer needs and means your business remains operational if disaster strikes.

Technology that is built for maximum availability from the ground up.

Availability Options:
GSN have developed four distinct availability approaches, that that incorporate best practice designs for the provision of enterprise cloud services, whilst recognising that the balance between cost, availability and functionality is not the same for all customers.
The following Availability types are offered:

  • Disaster Recovery: Dual PoP, Warm Standby, services restored within one hour, minor data loss, target availability of 99.9%
  • High Availability: Dual Pop, Hot Standby, services restored within 10 minutes, minimal data loss, target availability of 99.95%
  • High Availability Instant: Dual Pop, Active / Active, services restored within 1 minute, minimal data loss, target availability of 99.99%
  • High Availability Instant + Zero Loss: Dual Pop, Active / Active, services restored within 1 minute, no data loss, target availability of 99.99%

Fault Tolerant Redundant Architecture:
That can meet any specific customer requirements, featuring modular hardware, quickly scalable, and high performing, full component redundancy. Server and network virtualisation with inter-site load balancing and link redundancy.  All key process can be configured for immediate stateful failover.

Our technology exceeds the enterprises' expectations around availability.
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