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GSN Interactive Voice Response

Is there an area of your customer service interactions that is high volume or high cost?  Are your customers frustrated by the effort it takes to do the simplest tasks?

GSN Cloud IVR allows organisations of all sizes to provide a tailored customer experience.  Our features include Touch Tone, Speech Recognition, Text-To-Speech and SOAP for back end systems integration.  GSN Cloud IVR supports VXML natively allowing GSN to easily preserve your existing application investment through reuse in the future.

Our IVRs are robust, secure and flexible, and we build every IVR with your end user in mind. With the 5×9’s uptime guarantee offered with every GSN solution, your IVR application can scale to take even the heaviest of call volumes on demand ensuring your customers are never left hanging at the other end of the phone.

  • Highly customisable – we can create a solution that responds even the most complex business problem
  • Integrate self-service and assisted service transactions with agents seamlessly
  • Deploy in a TDM, IP or Hybrid Environ- meant to make use to existing assets
  • Accommodating platform that supports touch tone response or even speech recognition
  • Quickly build applications to meet changing customer or environmental needs
  • Pre-determined ROI’s are easy with a GSN custom IVR. Know how and when you will see a return
  • Uptime guarantee of 5×9’s offered on all GSN solutions means your IVR will stand up to even the largest of demands