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Every enterprise is different and the GSN Contact Centre Cloud enables exceptional flexibility.

Operational Flexibility:
GSN’s Cloud for the Enterprise can be adapted to your requirements and can connect via your choice of infrastructure or technology. You have the flexibility to scale up or down and leverage or integrate your existing assets.

Management Flexibility:
You decide how you want your contact centre managed. You can do some, little or all of the management or you can hand it all to us. You decide.

Commercial Flexibility:
Use a flexible pricing model and take advantage of pay-as-you-use pricing. Our SaaS pricing model is developed to fit every type of organisation.

Respond Quickly to Market Dynamics:
Using the latest technology you can respond to new and changing markets and seasonal peaks and unexpected (event driven) spikes in demand. With the Cloud platform you can adapt to market changes and maximise your agent resources quickly, with extra agents added on-demand and new capabilities added simply through licensing, with no equipment installation or upgrade required.  

Telco Independent:
You have the option to use your current telco provider, whilst connected to our cloud contact centre platform. Alternatively, take advantage of our established relationships with telco providers to benefit from reduced call rates.

Flexible Pay-As-You-Use Pricing Model:
Different cost options based on three platform editions, with varying levels of complexity and functionality to match your customer service model

GSN helps you take the competitive advantage by using platforms, people and processes that deliver flexibility from every angle.

Flexible Operational Connectivity: we can offer a number of options for delivering connectivity between your environment and our Cloud platform, including:

  • GSN Direct Connect: Customers utilising GSN Direct Connect have the GSN Network extended directly to their contact centre or data centre sites. The GSN Direct Connect approach provides an effective mechanism for balancing availability and disaster recovery with cost. As the GSN Direct Connect network extends across all GSN PoPs, disaster recovery is built in for all GSN customers regardless of their product version.
  • GSN Dual Direct Connect: GSN Dual Direct Connect enhances GSN Direct Connect by providing an alternate secondary link to (potentially) an alternate customer location. This approach provides redundancy in the instance of link or termination failure.
  • Megaport: GSN PoPs are connected to the Megaport network and customers that already have a Megaport connection (or would like to acquire one) can connect utilising this method. Megaport connections are available in most commercial selected Data Centre facilities.
  • Internet/VPN: GSN Services can be delivered over the Internet when Voice traffic is not required, for example for email and web chat / web collaboration service agents.

Flexibility to Adapt to your Needs:
GSN have the capability to deploy hybrid dedicated and shared solutions, as well as full Private Cloud with complete network and infrastructure isolation.

Integrate with any CRM or Application:
Provide a consistent and personalised customer service by integrating your cloud contact centre to existing CRM programs, applications and sources of customer data. Also features close integration with Microsoft Lync for SIP telephony, UC and presence and can be integrated with a variety of standards-based SIP and Web based applications.

We have the latest technology and experts to drive flexibility in the enterprise.
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