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Partner with GSN to provide outstanding customer experience at every touch point with your organisation.

Cross-channel Customer Experience:
GSN offers true cross-channel customer experience technology. Track your customers at each step of their journey and ensure that the metadata and context from each of these touch points is carried over.  We work with you to design and deliver seamless customer experiences across voice, online, mobile and social channels.  Our technology allows you to quickly adapt to the changing customer service mix – delivering customer experiences that place your organisation at the leading edge of emerging channels such as video chat, mobile engagement and social media.

An Optimised Workforce:
Optimise customer experience and productivity by engaging your frontline staff through the full cycle of workforce optimisation including workforce management, call recording, analytics, quality management, reporting and customer feedback. Our technology provides agents with a single consistent user interface for interaction management regardless of the channel, thereby reducing time to competency and improving efficiency.

CX Consulting and Design:
Contact Centre solution design & operational reviews; CX based assessment; Capability Maturity assessment, continuous improvement and expert analysis and coaching.

Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee:
The GSN Cloud Contact Centre has unique access to “Centricity”, which is a world-leading CX technology and consulting business that uniquely integrates Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee insights to revolutionise the way organisations drive CX change and business transformation.

Become a Customer-Centric Learning Organisation:
Create a customer-centric culture that delivers rapid and ongoing staff and organisational improvement. Our technology provides you with an effective mechanism for addressing issues quickly and giving your customers a voice that can be heard across the organisation. Using technology and processes to address business challenges means that you reduce customer churn, alleviate reputational damage and turn potential customer detractors into promoters.

Adapt, Evolve, Succeed:
Drive business agility to respond to a rapidly changing market place, where the competitive landscape and customer demands and expectations are constantly shifting. The platform is built with thought leading technology from Genesys, which is consistently positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as the clear leader in both Vision and ability to execute.Drive business agility to respond to a rapidly changing market place where the competitive landscape and customer demands and expectations are constantly shifting.

Back Office Automation:
Intelligent Workload Distribution which applies proven customer service management techniques from the contact centre to back office staff and processes. This allows customer service ‘best practices’ to be applied throughout your organisation, to deliver consistent and superior service.

Historical and Real-Time Reporting:
We provide a wide selection of reports for configuration, planning, forecasting and workforce performance and adherence, and for a variety of time periods and organisational levels. It comes with over 35 out-of-the-box report templates, and reports can be displayed through the user’s Web browser, printed, and exported to several file formats.

GSN provides your enterprise with customer experience technology at the touch of a button.

GSN provides an advanced multi-channel interaction interface including:

  • Email with auto + suggested response
  • Inbound and outbound voice, including call-back
  • Web chat and collaboration
  • Video chat
  • SMS
  • Social Media
  • Fax
  • Integrated, ‘single source’ customer contact history

A Single Agent Desktop and Interaction Workspace:
A role-based, task sensitive smart client application that guides and enhances customer conversations. Interaction Workspace is a modular application that supports expansion and customisation. This application is primarily for contact centre agents but can also be used by back-office experts and remote workers, and provides a consistent user interface to manage all interaction channels through a single, integrated workspace. It is available in both thick and thin client versions.

Call and Screen Recording:
Call recording is an IP based call recording service with search & playback, security / encryption and easy web-based access. Recordings are made and stored in the Cloud Platform for up to seven years, or archived to a customer’s environment after an agreed period. Call recording provides the ability to capture the entire length of the customer call, regardless of how often it is transferred or conferenced, associating every leg of a customer’s call with a unique identifier, allowing for an end-to-end synchronisation of the call during playback and evaluation.

Workforce Management:
A comprehensive software application that accurately forecasts, schedules and tracks the performance of multi-skilled employees in single and multi-site front and back-office environments. It is the only integrated workforce management system to offer automatic updates of historical data and employee skill information in real time across all interaction channels to ensure the most accurate planning. The software includes:

  • workload forecasting
  • flexible scheduling and planning options
  • performance monitoring
  • employee real-time adherence
  • historical reporting
  • employee empowerment
  • quality management
  • out-of-the box APIs for easy integration to third-party contact centre and back- and front-office applications

Speech and Text Analytics:
Industry leading Analytics capability, which is able to analyse recorded calls and recent / historical interactions across all channels, in order to gather information, apply structure and find key information contained in contact centre interaction. This includes:

  • Highly accurate, patented Speech-to-Phrase Recognition
  • 100% Speech-to-Text transcription
  • Intuitive web-based dashboards
  • Over 30 pre-built analytics and report templates
  • Ability to automatically trigger workflows based on results
  • Rapid ad-hoc search with vast selection of search filters
  • Conversation exploration tools
  • Speaker separation on dual-channel audio
  • Synchronised playback of screen recordings
  • Role-based security and access restrictions
  • PCI-DSS compliance capabilities including data redaction
GSN provides exceptional customer experience across the enterprise.
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