Global Speech Networks: leading the pack in Australia for network virtualisation.

What do Global Speech Networks, Macquarie Telecom and the Bureau of Statistics have in common?  We’re all leading innovation in the network virtualisation space.

Global Speech Network’s leading adoption of VMware’s NSX means our customers are receiving a service that is fast, seamless and secure.  

With Australia considered a world leader in its take-up of virtualisation, the next ‘holy grail’ has long been considered the network.  A recent survey of IT professionals at VMware’s vForum last year flagged that between 25% and 33% of respondents plan to deploy some kind of network virtualisation technology in the next 12 months.

Here at Global Speech Networks, we’ve been leading the pack and have been featured in VMware’s latest research report ‘Australia’s Early Adopters of Network Virtualisation’ as an early adopter of this technology.

By using VMware’s NSX, we’ve been able to increase security, reduce costs and respond more quickly to our customers’ needs.  Says Max Lipovetsky, CEO of Global Speech Networks:

‘Today when customers come to us and say they want a custom solution that integrates deeply into their network, instead of having to buy physical equipment and integrating it into our environment, today we roll that out with a templated approach, driving down the total cost of ownership for our end customers, providing greater flexibility and security to them’.

Over a decade ago we pioneered the Contact Centre Cloud in Australia and New Zealand.  Today we continue to lead with innovative solutions that address the needs of both the business and technology stakeholders across the enterprise.

Read the report here: Australia’s early adopters of network virtualization_Report

Talk to us about how we’re adopting network virtualisation technology to drive innovation for our customers.  Email or call us on 1300 885 131.



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