Poor customer experience costing AU businesses $122B a year

With a cost of $122B to Australian businesses, bad customer experience and poor delivery via digital channels are real sticking points for some of Australia’s largest enterprises.

Attempts by companies to push their customers into the new digital channels on offer are backfiring – with 81 percent preferring to deal with a human beings with their service issues.  As reported in the Accenture study, banks, retailers and internet service providers are the worst offenders.

Says Luca Martini, MD for Accenture Strategy in AU and NZ: “Companies have lost sight of the importance of human interaction and often make it too difficult for consumers to get the right level of help and service that they need. The beauty of the possibilities offered by today’s technology is that the human touch can be blended into the digital experience (and vice versa) allowing companies to deliver amazing customer service across all channels, whilst removing the usual pain points.”

Making the Customer Experience ‘more human’:

Reporting back on the global findings, Accenture’s consultants argue there are four ways companies should look to rebalance service channels and make the customer experience ‘more human’*;

  1. Put the human and physical elements back into customer services: Rethink your investment strategy. The focus should be on delivering satisfying customer experiences – not methods of interaction. Ensure your channel management approach delivers integrated experiences.
  2. Make it easy for customers to switch channels to get the experiences they want: Build customer service channels that enable consumers to fluidly move from digital to human interaction to get the outcomes they desire.
  3. Root out toxicity: Define and address the most toxic customer experiences across all channels. These experiences can directly impact profitability. Identify the experiences that have the greatest potential downside and leverage those insights to guide an investment strategy.
  4. Guarantee personal data security: 88 per cent of consumers say it is extremely important that companies protect the privacy of their personal information. By not selling or sharing customer data with other companies, and guaranteeing that safeguards are in place to protect it, consumers will be more willing to hand over personal information which can be leveraged to deliver better experiences.

*Accenture’s Global Pulse Research

The 11th annual global Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement report was based on a global survey of 24,489 consumers globally, with responses from more than 1350 Australians.  To see more insights from the report, go directly to the study at: Accenture’s Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement Report.

Delivering outstanding customer experience to your customers takes more than just technology.  

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