Contact Centre Week 16

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We are looking forward to Contact Centre Week – an extension of Contact Centre Week in the US – to be held for the first time in the Surfers Paradise in February 2016.

Our GSN and Centricity teams will be onsite and looking forward to chatting to the audience about our advanced Omni-channel interaction management – including social media – through to Workforce Optimisation systems such as Speech Analytics and Enterprise Feedback Management.  Our cloud platforms and expertise allows our customer to transform their contact centres.

We’d love to have a coffee with you at the event – get in touch with us on or call 1300 885 313.

Event Outline: Contact Centre Week 2016

As digitalisation is changing customer expectations in every sphere of life, contact centres must ensure that they are prepared to adapt to these evolutions.  Embracing this shift to digital service produces a number of challenges, such as legacy systems, budget restrictions, and aligning your contact centre with the new existing channels.  Not only must the contact centre succeed in customer satisfaction, but they must also maintain efficiency in staff engagement, productivity and loyalty.

As the last remaining competitive differentiator lies in the customer experience, most organisations understand the importance of customer centricity. However, embedding the customer experience into the fabric of the organisation and ensuring that it’s a driving force is another story. Contact Centre Week 2016 is your opportunity to gain the insight and skills needed to transform the customer experience from the outside in. With customers defining the game and setting the vision for service excellence in the digital world, smart companies are assessing and delivering on what the customers expect and how they want to be serviced. The event will share practical case studies and action strategies for enhancing customer and employee engagement and driving business results.

Addressing the Contact Centre Industry as whole, areas of focus will include Omni-Channel Excellence, Transformational Leadership, the new Customer Experience, Workforce Optimisation & Culture, Seamless Customer Connections, and Data & Analytics.

Contact Centre Week 2016 AUSTRALIA as an extension of the 16th annual CALL CENTER WEEK from the USA.

Main themes include:

  • Creating the Contact Centre and Super Agents of the Future
  • Capitalising on the New Customer Experience
  • Maximising Seamless Customer Connections

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