Providing a family-friendly workplace is a critical ingredient to GSN’s success

As reported in a recent article on, Australia is the fastest growing developed nation for women in technology.  It’s a trend that we see in practice every day in our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.

As a company, GSN really values diversity and we are keen to continue to develop, support, and recognise women in IT.  In fact, since the beginning of 2015, 40% of roles recruited for at GSN have been filled by women, many of whom are working mothers on flexible working arrangements.

“Creating a family-friendly workplace has been great for our business, and it has a number of advantages” says Max Lipovetsky, CEO of GSN.  “As a mid-sized enterprise, we’ve been able to attract and recruit incredibly skilled and motivated employees that were previously unavailable to us on a full time basis.  The productivity benefits and increased knowledge and expertise within our organisation means we’re leading the market with a highly skilled workforce that is really focused on achieving results for our customers”.

With 2015 marking the company’s fourteen year in business, GSN has grown from a small ‘hosted technology provider’, to an international contact centre cloud technology leader.

We are proud to have one of the country’s largest and most specialised team of contact centre cloud experts, and a history of delivering not just the most innovative technology, but a collaborative partnership model that brings real value to our customers.

GSN’s Human Resources Officer Emma Douglas has been leading our hiring strategy into 2016, and is keen to provide the best environment for our working mothers.

“Ensuring we provide a family friendly culture whilst rapidly growing across the region has been challenging, but we see it as a critical ingredient to our success.  Hiring working mums is not only good for women in IT, but it’s been really advantageous for us as a business” says Emma.

At GSN, we know that it’s imperative to provide an attractive environment for those who are looking for a family-friendly workplace, a supportive culture, valued participation and professional development – and we are embracing all of these.

By implementing real workplace diversity and a great environment for working mothers, we are igniting innovation and allowing our team to bring their strengths to the table.  We have a number of exceptional women working with us, and if you are interested in joining our team, please email us directly at

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