41.9% see security as a top priority #FSTMELB

GSN were thrilled to have attended last week’s FST Banking and Finance conference.  It was great to see the industry there, and to hear about your challenges and successes moving forward.

A big number that came up – and one that we weren’t surprised about – was that 41.9% of the audience saw privacy & regulation compliance as their top security priority.

It’s a big touch point, and as banks move to the cloud, it’s critical to secure your virtualised environments.  Not having the right security can lead to security gaps, lost ROI, performance lag and difficulty proving compliance.  As well as the risk of breaching APRA, ACMA or other regulatory requirements.

Our 12 year heritage of providing cloud contact centre technology and SaaS solutions tells us that the transition to cloud for the enterprise does not occur overnight.  We provide a multi-layered security framework, virtual private cloud solutions and Australian on-shore hosting.  In fact, security is built into every aspect of our services.

Each business need is different and we have different platforms and solutions to suit each one. I’d love to talk with you about how our cloud contact centre solutions deliver on security priorities for banks and finance providers across the region.  Let’s talk.


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