Convenience for brownie points

You don’t need to be in the medical industry to understand the relevance of this article.

What Zocdoc, and other appointment-setting websites or apps are trying to achieve, is a highly convenient customer service. Bringing your service to your customers (and not the other way around) earns you immediate brownie points in the eyes of those you most desperately want (and need) to impress. How can you create similar success for your customers.

With the explosion of medical apps and mobile scheduling technology, reaching your doctor to schedule an appointment in 2012 has radically changed. A new appointment scheduling website called Zocdoc (, allows you to make an appointment with your doctor assuming he or she participates in the service. You can book an appointment directly on the website, without the delay associated with calling the office directly. An email confirmation is sent to you which can be merged with Outlook or Google calender to serve as a reminder.

Another option or resource to obtain answers to your medical questions when you can’t reach your doctor is to consult with an online interactive medical community of physicians. One such growing community is called Health Tap ( HealthTap’s goal is to help you answer your medical questions, “make better health decisions”, and find the best doctors in your area who you could potentially manage your health. There is no cost for using HealthTap, and you have the opportunity to consult with specialists as well. “HealthTap Express” is a free app available.

Other reliable sources I recommend for obtaining online medical information include WebMD, Epocrates, and Epocrates: Pregnancy and Infant Care apps. These three apps, taken together, are excellent resources for consumers who want quick, reliable and updated medical information.

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