Is pay-as-you-grow growing?

iTWire reports the adoption of pay-as-you-grow services are increasing. At GSN, we see this all the time.

The benefits of a Cloud-based, or pay-as-you-go service has merits in its scalability, flexibility and capacity for growth. The ability to deploy services quickly, and increase the number of users, or amount of transactions per day as your business matures, is second-to-none with a Cloud solution. To discover the possibilities of a completely scalable service, contact GSN today.

Australian companies are increasingly using cloud and pay-as-you-go services to help them economise their businesses in an uncertain global economy and, at the same time, spur growth.

Research by global workplace provider, Regus, found that close to half of 400 Australian business leaders recently surveyed nominated cloud and pay-as-you-go services as the most effective areas where businesses can reduce costs while simultaneously spurring growth.

According to Regus’ regional vice president for Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, William Willems, in the current economic environment, businesses are “keeping one eye on new opportunities and the other eye on their bottom line.”  “Clearly businesses are keen to embrace cost-saving measures, and if they can implement this while facilitating growth it really is a win-win situation.”

Willems says that companies are investigating smarter ways to build agility into their operations and “pay-as-you-go is top of mind in these circumstances, be it through using more Cloud applications or moving to a flexible workplace model.

“There is a big opportunity for businesses, both small and large, to embrace these measures in their quest for effective ways to expand. With pay-as-you go solutions readily available on the market for both the Cloud and for flexible workspace arrangements, there is no doubt that the number of businesses benefiting from more nimble and scalable arrangements will increase in the coming years,” Willems said.

Key findings of the Regus survey for effective cost savings include:

•    Forty-three (43) percent of Australian firms identified the use of IT Cloud applications as the best way to cut costs while still enabling growth
•    Similarly, 43 percent of Australian firms identified  pay-as-you-go business services
•    Other highlighted areas include a shorter supply chain (39%), reducing fixed workspace (37%) and encouraging sales through third parties (35%) for Australian companies.

The Regus research also reveals a geographic split in opinion, with companies in Sydney and Brisbane keener on utilising the Cloud than their counterparts in Melbourne and Perth, and Willems says ICT firms will lead the way, with 62 percent indicating the Cloud is the best way to save on costs while growing, followed by those involved in healthcare (50%) and finance industries (48%).

The following tables from Regus show the top five savings areas for growth, by location and by industry:

Top five savings areas for growth, by location:

business using cloud to cut costs

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