Catch customers before they tweet

“These customers don’t want answers in days; they demand them in minutes, and are likely to complain vocally if ignored.” I absolutely agree with the sentiment in this article written by Justin Grey, Editor of My Business magazine. These days it’s a likely occurrence for customers to take to Twitter, or Facebook, and stomp all over your brand because of a bad customer service experience. That’s where the need for Cloud Survey was born… from the necessity of catching dissatisfied customers before they tear your company to shreds on social media. Implementing a customer satisfaction survey, in conjunction with a CRM such as, covers your customer experience from end to end. Oh, and did I mention how easily Global Speech Networks integrates with Ask us how.


Tony Armfield, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, at ANZ, offers some pointers on how cloud customer service solutions can help SMEs keep up with the ever-present demands of the modern-day customer who no longer tolerates waiting for service.

Through the internet the new social, mobile and global consumer is creating a tremendous opportunity for small businesses, but it is also creating an unprecedented demand for an ‘always on, always there’ customer service team.

However, the adoption of cloud technologies can provide a social, mobile and global customer service experience as an integrated part of your business.

A new generation of customers is now interacting across all customer service channels. Service that just a couple of years ago could be controlled and funneled into the familiar phone or email channels is now spilling over into Twitter, Facebook, websites, live chat and every other new channel or network that emerges.

The generation born in the 1980s is driving the push to ‘anywhere, anytime customer service’. These customers don’t want answers in days; they demand them in minutes, and are likely to complain vocally if ignored. Small businesses can now realistically deliver this sort of customer service to a global customer base through cloud applications.

A new generation of cloud-based tools is helping relieve the customer service pressures for small businesses. The cloud can offer enterprise-class technology at a fraction of the price of on-premise software, with minimal IT requirements. Cloud solutions can also be deployed quickly – sometimes in a matter of minutes, instead of days, weeks or months.

In the modern-day business environment, customer expectations are higher than ever before. Customers want to be able to reach you everywhere, and receive accurate answers pronto.

In a challenging business climate, if these customer expectations are not met the impact could be harsh. But if businesses can deliver the type of service today’s social, mobile and global consumer now expects, only positive results can ensue.

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