Dynamically scaling your sales team with cloud

One of the biggest pressures sales contact centres face is scaling.

Ideally, you want to sell consistently, and allow your delivery to scale accordingly and maintain supply.

Inevitably, either through seasonable fluctuations, unseasonal variables (market reactions, extreme events, competitive events), or just poor or great sales performance, your sales figures will challenge delivery, or your delivery will be spinning its wheels waiting for orders.

Having the ability to scale your sales-focused contact centre up or down to compensate is a tremendous advantage. Staffing is the major issue, and a good blend of permanent, casual or part time salesforce is critical. So, how do you scale your technology accordingly? One of the best solutions is to source your contact centre services from a cloud provider.

Cloud contact centre service providers provide dynamic scaling that allows you to add functionality as you go, at very short notice. Contracts can be agreed that permit you to reduce your capacity, thereby reducing your financial burden.

The other obstacle is accommodating or finding office space for additional agents on the sales team. The significant advantage cloud contact centre solutions provide is the ability to deploy at multiple sites, so if you run out of desks, simply use a secondary location.


Guy Elliott, Head of Product Management at GSN

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