Customer satisfaction stats more important than a quick call

Finally, it is becoming more common for contact centre agents to be rated on customer satisfaction statistics, rather than how quickly they can get a caller off the phone. This makes perfect sense to me, as efficiency and effectiveness are completely different indicators of success…


A collective sigh of relief might be called for – it seems customer support agents are increasingly being rated on their ability to satisfy us, rather than completing the calls as quickly as possible.

A survey conducted by Ovum and LogMeIn has found that customer satisfaction metrics are becoming more important than cost and efficiency measures when it comes to rating the performance of contact centres and help desks.

According to the survey of 100 customer service managers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, 90% are measuring the success of their service and support organisation based on customer satisfaction metrics, with 62% saying customer satisfaction was the top priority.

Furthermore, 69% said channels such as live chat, social networks and forums were key contributors to improving customer satisfaction.

“Today’s operators and device OEMs are increasingly looking at customer experience as a means of differentiation, and we believe this is changing the way they engage with their customers, from pre-sale service to post-sale support,” said Aphrodite Brinsmead, customer interaction analyst at Ovum. “The data suggests that this customer-centric approach will become more prevalent over the next few years, as companies invest in analytics and mobile applications in order to improve service across all devices and touch points.”

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