Cloud Computing adoption bottom-up?

This brief insight from the Thinking Out Cloud blog suggests that execs are last to hop on the Cloud train. But, is that really so? It doesn’t give CIOs, and senior management alike, very much credit. I’d beg to differ… Nowadays, most CTOs and CIOs are well-versed in ‘cloud speak’ and are the driving force of adoption within their companies.


Last week I gave a keynote presentation at the CloudConnect conference in Santa Clara. The title of the presentation was: “Surprise! Your Enterprise is Already Using the Public Cloud.”

Regular readers of this blog (or those who work with me) know I go on about this a lot: In the enterprise, cloud computing services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) are being adopted bottom-up. In other words, by the rank & file (developers, IT admins, business folk) and not top-down with a big strategic decision by the CIO.

That’s what the keynote was about and the title was addressing the CIO, who is the last to know about cloud computing adoption within his or her organization.

If you’re interested in this topic you can watch the video of the presentation (you need to scroll down to get to it) on the CloudConnect web site.

You can also read this very good summary of my talk by Rich Miller on Data Center Knowledge.

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